Black Hole

by Young Adults

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released November 6, 2010

Recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato w/ Dan Gonzales @ Esthudio (Allston, MA)

Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato and Dan Gonzales

Mastered by Carl Saff @ Saff Mastering

All songs written by Young Adults except where otherwise noted

“Reverie” 1 and 2 recorded by Chris Villon and Dan Gonzales

Additional percussion on "Campfires" by Dan Gonzales



all rights reserved


Young Adults Boston, Massachusetts


"...a tight insular band whose intensely coiled aggression coalesces into a fine brand of angst ridden rock with enough punk, shoegaze and early 90s DC sound aesthetics to punch their way through to the speakers and sear themselves onto your eardrums."
- Sonic Masala
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Track Name: Let Us Out
We'll turn the tides
We'll push the tides if we have to
Daydreams just leave us aching
And we're all tired of waiting

We'll move the air
We'll push the air cuz we have to
Stone faces leave us empty
Let us now cuz we're ready
Track Name: Wasting Time
You wake to find
You're running out of time
Don't waste yr time

Don't waste away
The patterns of yr days
Don't waste yr time

You're head-to-head with all you want to be
You wonder where the circle ends
Still held in place by all yr memories
Calling back to you

You wake to find
The present's still alive
Don't waste yr time

Don't waste away
The patterns of yr days
Don't waste yr time

Where are you going?
No way of knowing
the weight of time
a line in sight

Where are you going?
No way of knowing
your place of mind
until it's time
Track Name: Black Surf
There was an islander
Trapped by the confines of his land
Diptera lord's demand
Tough skin encrusted from the sand

Scarred faces
Black animus
Young purists
destined to end their lives

A need to exist, a will to survive
A need to persist, a will to survive

They killed the weaker men
Torched every acre of their land
He braved the violent waves
They stripped the wicked from his eyes
Track Name: Rip It Up
Actions insidious
Betrayal invidious
Now we've got a melody
Borrowed from our history

Rip it up
Start again
The ruiners of yesterday

Head to the road
The life we lead, the path we choose

Just trying to eliminate
The foundation of the hate
Cut the cord to the coterie
That ruins everything

Rip it up
Start again
We'll make new friends
Jump off this bridge that never ends
Track Name: Impression
We throw ourselves against
The wall that's in the way
Too scared to make a sound
We'll make it anyway

We're wasting all of our time
Wanting what we're not
Give it a shot
We'll leave an impression

A million different words
We'll speak them out of turn
And who cares what we say?
It's all bullshit anyway

We'll choose our song to sing
Cuz it's all that we've got
Give it a shot
We'll leave an impression

What we will know come tomorrow?
Track Name: Over the Edge
Written by Greg Sage / Part Music - BMI
Track Name: Life Under Review
You look me in the eyes as it hits home
Life under review, reduced to income
Dehumanize to keep yr comfort
No apologies for me, I'm not worth them

My dreams are all I have
But that's all irrelevant
Each day gets more hopeless
That's just the way it is

Your mission to degrade has been a success
You've proven you can make me feel less
Sorry to disappoint if I'm unfit
I'm just a human being, I can't help it

Free the dreams from my mind
But it's not the place or time
My silence is assured
Won't hear another word

Keep my head down, ensure my ten cents
Keep my heart
Keep my mouth shut, I'll get my ten cents
Keep my heart
Track Name: Annulation
These train tracks led him to a moment in time
and he fell right in
The well was deep and he was losing his mind
in a blackened hole

He found the ring of nowhere and eternity
He slipped into forever where he found oneness

They thought he'd lost his mind
In this moment in time
Track Name: Bummer Summer
Jump over rooftops
Float over rooftops
Soar over rooftops slowly

Sit in the raindrops
Soak in the raindrops
Drunk off the raindrops lately

30 days of shower rain
washing the world away
30 days of raindrops
Drip down and rolling slowly

This summer's gotten to me
I hold my breath for clear days
This summer's gotten to me
Hold my breath
Track Name: Drifting
In motion
Drown in oceans
I'm drifting
Out of phase with you

We're sinking
into new seas
I see sun coming through the blue

Obscure me
I can't see you
Release me
I can't stay afloat

We're sinking
into new seas
Horizon cuts the world in two
Track Name: Campfires
Mazes open wide
Take another turn inside
Block out all the light
Play it loud til it feels right

Spite the tired path
Savor it while it still lasts
Raise a single voice
Dream inside a nest of noise